Damn You Kohls Cash

Day 22 today is the last day to use my $25 Kohl’s Cash. I have a love hate relationship with Kohl’s Cash. I love getting it. I hate that it’s not redeemable for a couple of weeks from receipt, which almost guarantees I will forget and lose out on this free money. Not this time. I earned this money and now that I’m unemployed I have to reel in my shopping addiction. It’s not an addiction so much as it is something I love to do every day of my life, and it brings me joy and happiness and I love it. That’s not a problem. I know what I’m going to use this money on. A green jacket I fell in love with but denied myself from purchasing until my Kohl’s Cash is available. I even hung up the cash on the mirror in my bedroom so I wouldn’t forget. I promised myself  a treat, and today is the day.  I pop out of bed with a little pep in my step. I sing in the shower, because today is shopping day! Hooray! I grab the Cash and head downstairs. I kiss the dog on his furry little head and promise to be home soon. I get in the car and as I am putting the Kohl’s Cash in my purse, I realize to my horror, I’m a week late. It expired last Wednesday. Why do bad things always happen to good people?!?!? DAMN YOU KOHL’S CASH! Oh well, I guess I’ll just go to Target, we need paper towels anyway.

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