Hello world!

Pretty legit title to this blog. I didn’t even have to come up with it. It was just there ready and waiting when I chose the format for this blog. I could go on and on about it, but that’s not really what this post is about, so let’s get to it!

Back in the very beginning of this millennium, as a young career girl of the AUTS, I monstered my way into a pretty sweet job with a company I shall refer to from here on out simply as TooBigForTheirOwnBritchesCorp or TBFTOBC. I had a great time at TBFTOBC. I met lots of characters  like Mob Boss Eddie*, he was my boss, a degenerate gambler, and later an embezzler whose photo showed up in the Boston Globe on an organized crime org chart.  Keith* the Baby Eater, maybe he didn’t eat babies, but if you ever wondered what someone might look like who eats babies, this was the guy! And all the office criers, workplace cheaters, and 9 year temps in between. I made some ride or die bitches like America* and Neeners*. I got promoted and I learned some valuable skills like v look-ups, evading phone calls from the field, and the ability to make the day fly by simply by clicking from youtube page to youtube page.

One day TBFTOBC, announced an acquisition. We were on our way to global domination. We merged, integrated, and poor decisioned our way into a corner, and no matter how many RACI’s we completed, we couldn’t avoid the inevitable any longer…3 corporate offices is too many corporate offices and it’s time to close up our shop and ship our work down to the ATL. I went through all the stages…shock, horror, fear, loathing, spite, pettiness and finally acceptance. That acceptance is what has led us here, to KJ’s World.

Now that my indentured servitude to TBFTOBC is over, I’m free to do whatever I want! At least until my severance runs out and I need to get a new job. I’m going to try stuff, like making patio furniture out of wooden pallets which seems to be a big thing on the Pinterests, or maybe I’ll just go day drinking in a dive bar. Whatever strikes my fancy will be posted, blogged, photographed or videoed and will find it’s way here.
*names have been changed, obviously, no one is named MobBossEddie.

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