Rhode Island’s Little Italy

Day 13, we’re hitting the open road. Danny has the week off so we’re getting in the jeep and heading south for a few days.  Hey, it’s cheaper than flying. First stop Rhode Island. What? Where do you start your vacations? RI has some real great spots. The Mansions in Newport. The Grand Slots in Newport. The beaches in Newport. I’m pretty sure Andy Cohen has been to Newport, RI,  The bars and restaurants on Thames St.  in Newport. Bowen’s Wharf in Newport. Okay, fine, the only part of RI I’ve ever really been to is Newport, but come on, Rhode Island is 18 square miles right*? l I asked the internet where to stop and the internet said Providence, RI. I’m game. We’ve got a couple of hours and who can resist a write up like this? “ Tantalize your taste buds on “The Hill,” a historic area that boasts many award- winning restaurants, from the Italian and Mediterranean cuisine for which “Little Italy” got its name, to seafood and baked goods. For a different perspective, take a romantic river cruise on an authentic Venetian gondola. No matter what your vantage point, Providence sparkles.”

italian food providence riI check with TripAdvisor and decide Camille’s is where we are going. The internet gives it 5 stars. We set the GPS and head south for lunch. I am fully expecting the neighborhood to be a smaller version of the North End. That is NOT what we pull off the highway into what appears to be some sort of experiment in one way streets, dilapidated buildings and super sized pot holes. We park on the street and head to the restaurant with a full intention of roaming the streets of Little Italy immediately after. We eat a wonderful lunch. Worth every penny. The meatballs were the size of my head. I wanted to sing songs about my meal, but I was full, and I’m no songstress. We hit Atwell’s Ave. and start walking uummm where is everyone? Why does that squirrel have a shiv? Is this place safe? Why are there so many Mexican restaurants in Little Italy? Who leaves their shoes in the street? Where are the bakeries? Who needs this many hookah bars? We decide to turn around, get in the car, put on the 4WD and get back on the highway. Smell ya later Providence! The city of Botherly Love awaits.


*RI is technically 1,212 square miles

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